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Hi there! My name is Quinn and over the past 13 years, I’ve had the joy and honour of documenting some pretty amazing weddings. I love being able to witness the beauty and emotions of the weddings I shoot, and I feel so privileged to be entrusted with preserving those fleeting moments as they unfold in front of me.

I believe that photographs are an important part of the modern human experience. They are like extensions of our own memories as they help us recall distant images, sounds, scents, and feelings that were once so close to us. They are life anchors that help us remember not only our journeys, relationships, and accomplishments, but just how important those things are to us.

My style of photography leans more toward the photojournalistic side of things, where I like to focus on capturing the story that is happening right before me. That doesn't mean I stand around completely aloof never interacting with anyone, it just means that I prefer to let the day unfold rather than play director. Couples hire me because I am personable, unobtrusive, have an artistic eye, and because I genuinely love what I do!

When I’m not out shooting or editing, you might find me hanging out with my beautiful family, cycling, playing modern board games, or reading a good fantasy or sci-fi novel. I’ve been known to pick up a guitar every once in a while or compose music on my digital audio workstation. And I've also been known to binge watch Netflix shows with my wife after the kids are in bed :)

Send me a message if you think I might be a good fit. I'd love to hear from you!

Faith, hope, and love.

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